BesScription Wellness is an online fertility pharmacy that offers a wide array of products related to women’s health and fertility. In addition to supplying fertility supplements, teas, tests, metagenics, and homeopathic products, BesScription also offers health related products in the miscellaneous section of its shop. Check out the dietary supplements and fertility friendly lubricants that are available to purchase.

For women who suffer from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, there is a dietary supplement called Estrium. This supplement specifically provides nutritional support during the menstrual cycle. It isn’t unusual for pre-menstruating women to experience nutritional deficiencies with calcium, magnesium, or other important health minerals. A lack of nutritional support can even exacerbate the premenstrual syndrome. Estrium will help to soothe many harsh symptoms that come with PMS. Fem Premenstrual is another product stocked within the miscellaneous section of BesScription’s shop. This dietary supplement serves a similar purpose to Estrium, only it focuses on the needs of vegetarian women.

Pre Seed for External is a personal lubricant specifically made for fertility orientated sex. CHighly recommended by fertility doctors, Pre Seed for External assists in the safe and easy conception of a pregnancy. The lubricant is isotonic, designed so that it does not negatively impact the sperm during conception. Many other commercial lubricants tend to have a detrimental effect when it interacts with sperm. Health scientists have actually performed research which reveals that many lubricants tend to restrict the motility sperm, making it more difficult for a couple to conceive.

Pre Seed lubricant actually mimics a woman’s natural secretions during sex, making it highly effective. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine has recommended the Pre Seed brand, praising it for assistance in fertility when it comes to lubrication. Pre Seed is also popular with women who are undergoing hormonal changes throughout different life stages. Pre Seed is also praised for being a lot less irritating on the skin than other lubricants on the market.

In addition to Pre-Seed for External, a Pre Seed Multi-Use tube is available for purchase. You can purchase each Pre Seed separately, or you can get them together, with both External and Multi-Use in one pack.

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