Do My Eggs Have an Expiration Date?

For a woman, one of the most important considerations in starting a family is her egg health. While there technically is no expiration date, as we age, our eggs also age. Whatever we expose ourselves to; we also expose our eggs to so that glass of wine and ecig are influencing our egg health.

While our bodies are miraculous machines that clean toxins and build healthy tissue, women are born with all the eggs they will ever have, albeit in an immature stage. Our bodies do not rebuild our eggs or repair any damage that may occur. Once they are gone that’s that. There is your expiration date, other than the day you no longer ovulate and it’s different for each of us.
Egg Health

What many women are unaware of is that good egg health is vitally important for fertilization, both naturally or via artificial insemination. Fertility patterns show that the older the donor eggs, the lower the rate of fertilization. Additionally, there is also an increase for the chances of giving birth to a child with birth defects when the egg is from an older woman.

Even though eggs only mature once a month in preparation for ovulation, only one and rarely two eggs after they have reached maturity. All other eggs are kept at an immature state, yet still are effected by the ravages of time and other considerations such as illicit drug use, alcohol and tobacco.
Keep Healthy

The best way to keep your egg health at its optimum is to keep your body healthy. Watch what you eat, exercise regularly, and avoid toxins such as tobacco, excessive alcohol use or illicit drugs. If your doctor has given you a diet to follow to help you in your efforts to conceive, follow it.

Obviously the fresher the food the better. Fill your plate with raw fruits and vegetables. These foods are packed with nutrients that are best absorbed when eaten uncooked, but even a lightly steamed serving of broccoli has valuable nutrition. Just be smart about what you eat, get plenty of rest and treat your body as if you were already pregnant. In other words, nurture your body with as much love and care as you will once you are carrying your child. By getting healthy, you can ensure that your eggs are at their optimum.